Зимний фестиваль экстемальных видов спорта МОСКОВСКОЕ МОРЕ

:: The festival of extreme winter sports

                                        Dear Friends!
             Welcome to Konakovo festival of extreme Winter sports
                                   "THE MOSCOW SEA"

The festival of extreme winter sports is taking place on February, 22-26. 2006 on the ice of the Ivankovo water reservoir(Moscow Sea) in Konakovo, Tver region, Russia, 120 km away from Moscow, M-10 highway "Moscow-St. Peterburg".

The Goals of the Festival are:
- To Popularize the extreme winter sports;
- To Determine top-pilots;
- To Maintan sport mastership and shape;
- To Meet all the people, who are interested in kiting

Ivankovo water reservoir(the Moscow Sea) is 100 km North from Moscow nearby the Moscow - St. Peterburg highway. It is the source of clear water for Moscow, the surface size is 327 sq. km. Average width is 4 km, maximum width is 12 km.

Organization Board of the festival:
- Independent non-commercial organization "Frigate"
- Russian Sailing Association
- Russian Kiting Association
- Administrative Board of Tver Region
- Konakovo district Administration
- URKC "Bynature"
- Kite Club "Moscow desant"

The festival competitions include:
- Freestyle
- 15-20 km race
- Marathon race Konakovo-Dubna-Konakovo
The sportsmen of the following kinds of sports are invited to take part in the festival: Kite (mountain ski, snowboard), paragliding

The rules of the festival:
The festival is to be held according to the rules of competitions of the World Ice and Snow Sailing Association (WISSA).

The Festival Schedule:
The festival is taking place on February, 22-26. 2006
- the day of arrival, registration of participants

- brifing
- Marathon race Konakovo-Dubna-Konakovo(non obligatory programme)
- briefing
- freestyle
- course race(6-9 km)
- course race
- briefing
- freestyle
Due to the weather conditions the Racemaster of the Festival may delay the scheduled time of the start and change the format of the festival.

All the participants will be awarded with the Diplomas of Participation and souvenirs. The winners (1,2,3 places) in freestyle, 15-20 km race, fun race are awarded with Diplomas and prizes. The additional prizes of Sponsors will be given to:
- the participant who comes from the most distant place
- the participant, who has the most amazing equipment
- the youngest participant
- the oldest participant

Start Deposit:
A non-refundable registration fee of $7  is required for participation. It has to be paid at the Registration Board of the Festival.

Accommodation of Participants:
- the participants are accommodated at Energetic Resort belonging to Russian United Power Systems ltd., not far from the site of competitions. The following types of accommodation are available:
- standard double room - $10 per night per person
- family suite- $22 per night per person
- "de Luxe" suite- $27 per night per person
4 meals per day are included. Children under 12 get 50% discount.

                                Pictures of "Energetic" Resort

Главный корпус


Бассейн 25 метровый


Спортивная площадка

Комната отдыха в сауне

How to get there: detailed travel information is here (travel information is here). Organization Board of the festival may arrange the transfer service from Moscow and backwards upon your request.

Registration of Participants- to assure better organization of the festival, please send us the registration form to kiting@inbox.ru , the form for registration is here. 

Questions and requests are to be sent to kiting@inbox.ru  or discussed in forum.
Our contact phone is 7(08242)4-72-21



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